Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our next give away

So Is everyone up for another fabulous Give away? Barrie and I have been talking about what we want to do next and I think we are going to toss out a challenge for you all. I have seen some of your blogs and I think we have some very talented people following us and we want to find a way to highlight your work. So in the next few days we will be posting the details. We hope you will all join us in this as I really think it will be fun ! Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas we would love to hear them!
We also love how you all are recomending us to your friends, and we will do a RAK once we hit 50 followers and the winner of this will be drawn from our blog page. So, get on the ball, send our link out and help us grow!

I was playing around with some canvas and this is what I did... I think I like this and will be adding some of it to our mini book kits to see what you come up with.


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