Friday, March 19, 2010

Martha Stewart Scoreboard

I received my Martha Stewart Scoreboard from Barrie the other day, and of course had to play with it right away. I have never owned a scoreboard before now, but have used the score pal a few times at different events, and I have to say I love all of the lines on the Martha, and they way it is all laid out. It has a great envelope adaptor and boy does that make it easy. I did a video on making an envelope, and I had to really hurry through as YouTube only gives you 10 minutes of time to do it in. Hope you enjoy it, and if you have never owned a scoreboard this would be the one I would really recommend to you. And of course you can find it on our website under tools. The other little gadget that has really been great is the precision tip glue bottle... a gem!  

Happy Week end to you all, and may the first day of spring bring you a fresh sense of renewal!


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