Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Thursday

I feel the cold setting in, and the rain is on its way again, so its a great time to work on some of those Christmas projects that you are thinking about and get a jump start on your gifts. I spent last Saturday with a group of girlfriends at some of the local Bazzar's and there are so many talented people in the world and it really made me want to lock the front door, hire a housekeeper, and spend every waking hour in my craft room. I have so many things that I would love to do, but in reality there are few that I actually will do.

I am looking forward to spending an entire day with my family for Thanksgiving, and this year we will be at my Brother & Sister-in-law's house and it sounds like it will be a packed house with lots of things to do. We of course will fight over the wii, partake in a round of passwords,shanghi rummy, and there will be lots of bets on the football games. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Is there a dish that you love to make to share with your family?  Do you like the Turkey for the white meat or the dark meat? Do you like it with cranberry sauce or covered with the Turkey gravy? I would love to hear what you favorite recipe is, and If you would please share it here on my blog with us.... This year I am going to make a salmon ball to share....I will dig up my recipe and post it for everyone tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and that you find a blessing in some little part of your day today


  1. Ah ...yes....All the work , all the smells and all the "uuuug..I ate too much"...and then there's the clean up and trying to figure out how in the world you are going to fit all the leftovers in the fridge! It's all a labor of love that I look forward to year after year.

    Ok...a's a really yummy,quick and easy one... my favorite!!!

    Pecan Pie Cheesecake

    1 deep dish pie crust
    1 8oz pkg cream cheese ,softened
    4 lg eggs divided (see below)
    3/4C sugar divided (see below)
    2tsp vanilla extract divided (below)
    1/4tsp salt
    1 1/4C chopped pecans
    1 C light corn syrup

    Beat cr. cheese, 1 egg, 1/2C sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and salt at med. speed with elec. mixer until smooth. Pour mixture into piecrust, sprinkle evenly with ch. pecans.

    Whisk together corn syrup, remaining 3 eggs, 1/4C sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla. Pour mixture over pecans. Place pie on baking sheet.

    Bake at 350 on lowest rack in oven 50-55 min. or until done. Cool on wire rack 1 hr or until completely cool. Serve or refrigerate.

    Have a great holiday filled with the love and joy of family and good friends

  2. oh yum!!!!! Pecan anything is Dan's Favorite so I may have to do this one soon