Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Time

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you enjoyed the day whatever it is that you did. We spent the day with family at my Brothers house and it was fantastic. He has to be the best turkey cooker I have ever known, and my sister-in-law makes the best side dishes in the world. Of course we ate too much, laughed just enough, and all in all had a wonderful time.
I don't ususally venture out on Black Friday, as its just way to crazy for me, but my mom had a couple of sale items she wanted to pick up so we were out with the crowds and I have to say it wasn't too bad. Getting there was a challenge because there were accidents going both ways on our freeways, and that caused all of the surface streets to be clogged for miles, but once we made it to the store we were able to find what we needed, breeze through the check out and be on our way back home.
I have a ton of craft things that I am working on for gifts, and need to do some greeting cards for gift baskets they are giving to the widows at View Ridge Community Church. I am also working hard to get some great page kits, mini book kits and other items done for our website  so that we can get it kicked off and really hopping after the first of the year. I just get so much going at once that I get myself confuddled and forget which way I am going. But at the end of the day (or December 24th) I have it all done and things turn out great.
What are you doing for gifts this year? Do you buy most of your gifts? Make most of your gifts? Or do you mix it up and buy some and make some? I would love to see some of your hand made gifts so post them when you get them finished !! Also if you have a favorite candy or cookie recipe that you could share we would love that too.
I hope you all have a great Black Friday Weekend, and that if your out and about, you can take the time to spread some of that wonderful Christmas Magic such as a smile, with the rest of your community.

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