Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Time

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you enjoyed the day whatever it is that you did. We spent the day with family at my Brothers house and it was fantastic. He has to be the best turkey cooker I have ever known, and my sister-in-law makes the best side dishes in the world. Of course we ate too much, laughed just enough, and all in all had a wonderful time.
I don't ususally venture out on Black Friday, as its just way to crazy for me, but my mom had a couple of sale items she wanted to pick up so we were out with the crowds and I have to say it wasn't too bad. Getting there was a challenge because there were accidents going both ways on our freeways, and that caused all of the surface streets to be clogged for miles, but once we made it to the store we were able to find what we needed, breeze through the check out and be on our way back home.
I have a ton of craft things that I am working on for gifts, and need to do some greeting cards for gift baskets they are giving to the widows at View Ridge Community Church. I am also working hard to get some great page kits, mini book kits and other items done for our website  so that we can get it kicked off and really hopping after the first of the year. I just get so much going at once that I get myself confuddled and forget which way I am going. But at the end of the day (or December 24th) I have it all done and things turn out great.
What are you doing for gifts this year? Do you buy most of your gifts? Make most of your gifts? Or do you mix it up and buy some and make some? I would love to see some of your hand made gifts so post them when you get them finished !! Also if you have a favorite candy or cookie recipe that you could share we would love that too.
I hope you all have a great Black Friday Weekend, and that if your out and about, you can take the time to spread some of that wonderful Christmas Magic such as a smile, with the rest of your community.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Salmon Ball Recipe

Well here it is Sunday Evening and I am just now getting around to post the Salmon Dip recipe. I went to look for it, and noticed the cabinet that I keep my recipes in was a bit messy so I cleaned it out, which led me to the next cabinet,and then the others, and of course you can't do the cabinets without doing the drawers, and of course there were things in those that needed to be put away in the other rooms, and those were a mess, and then you vaccume, and of course notice the floors are in need of a scrubbing, and by the time you finally get your Salmon Dip recipe off the counter where you set it to post, your house is clean, your back is aching, and you just don't feel like typing !! So here it is, and I hope you enjoy

Salmon Dip
2 cups salmon-drained and flaked
1 8oz pkg cream cheese
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp grated onion
1 tsp horseradish
1 tsp worcestersire sauce
1 Tbsp liquid smoke
Mix until smooth. Serve with your choice of cracker
To make this into Salmon Balls (yields 2 balls)
Split dip into two parts, roll into ball shape and then roll into chopped nuts, such as walnuts or pecans
Place on plate and chill until firm. Serve with Crackers

Well there you have it.... What is your recipe to share?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Thursday

I feel the cold setting in, and the rain is on its way again, so its a great time to work on some of those Christmas projects that you are thinking about and get a jump start on your gifts. I spent last Saturday with a group of girlfriends at some of the local Bazzar's and there are so many talented people in the world and it really made me want to lock the front door, hire a housekeeper, and spend every waking hour in my craft room. I have so many things that I would love to do, but in reality there are few that I actually will do.

I am looking forward to spending an entire day with my family for Thanksgiving, and this year we will be at my Brother & Sister-in-law's house and it sounds like it will be a packed house with lots of things to do. We of course will fight over the wii, partake in a round of passwords,shanghi rummy, and there will be lots of bets on the football games. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Is there a dish that you love to make to share with your family?  Do you like the Turkey for the white meat or the dark meat? Do you like it with cranberry sauce or covered with the Turkey gravy? I would love to hear what you favorite recipe is, and If you would please share it here on my blog with us.... This year I am going to make a salmon ball to share....I will dig up my recipe and post it for everyone tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and that you find a blessing in some little part of your day today

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Challenge

The last challenge was quite different and I was not sure at all about it, but I managed to try it out. The challenge was to decorate and envelope and the one requirement was to use a flower created by using a paper towel. I sprayed the papertowel with Tattered Angels Glimmer mist and then let it dry. Then I attempted to use a punch to create the flower and a papertowel and a punch do not get along. So I though maybe If  I placed the papertowel onto a piece of cardstock prior to punching just maybe ......It worked!!!
Once I got the layers punched that I wanted to use, I used a brad to keep them together and then snipped all around the flower to give it that ruffled look. So anyway, this is the way it turned out, and I am glad I decided to do this challenge as it helped me to think outside of the box once again, and I love the way the flower turned out. I may have to use this on some of my other projects.. I hope you all have a great day, and try to see things outside of their normal useage and see them for what they could possibly become with a tad bit of creativity!!!